In the era of mass production and the ubiquity of design solutions in different domains, by way of the SCION project we are eager to justify the story told by each of the pieces on display, to both the user and ourselves. The designed concept with a foothold in the field of tradition and sustainability, has functional thoroughness. The forms shown can be part of both today’s and tomorrow’s time.

works that we present at the Salone Satellite 2024 exhibition represent the scope of the Furniture Design 2 course, which takes place in the third semester of the Master’s study, on the Spatial Design module, of the Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies, at the Department of Art and Design.

Jugoslava Kljakić Donić,
Supervisor of the SCION Project
Senior lecturer of vocational studies in the field of arts
Department of Art and Design, BAPUSS

BAPUSS, Belgrade Business and Arts Academy of Applied Studies – Department of Art and Design stands as an exemplary institution for aspiring individuals in artistic endeavors. With undergraduate tracks in Interior Design, Graphic Design, and Media Arts, and Master’s options in Spatial Design, Brand Design, and Audiovisual Composition. It offers a diverse range of pathways. Beyond technical proficiency, it fosters the transformation of ideas into reality

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email: plemka@bpa.edu.rs
instagram: de_akademija