PLEMKA (SCION) – Since ancient times to the present day, man has relied on the art of grafting, which makes it possible to obtain a higher quality
variety of fruit. in this process, the scion is a part of a noble plant that is added to another plant, it unites with it and gives a new, higher quality plant.

In a way, this skill, the use of scion, has long been present in the world of design. It makes it possible to create some new objects,
which have improved aesthetic, functional and service value, based on already noble models in design.


01 SRP meni

Ana Marija Ćuća


SRP is one of the oldest agricultural tools used to harvest grain. Sickle is a widespread item in Slavic mythology that has the role of protection and defence against demons. It is placed in the cradle of the child to protect him from spells, witches and other evil forces. It is also placed over the dead man’s chest to protect the family from his soul, according to Sreten Petrović.
Sickle served as the inspiration for the shape of this seat and it is decorated with sashes found in a school attic. They were made by students forty years ago, led by art teacher Miloš Popović. The sashes are made with the so-called “Kosovo stitch”, and the motifs on them are taken from Serbian mythology

02 FOLDER meni

Kristina Vasović

 The Folder shelf is a modular system having two basic functions: a storage function and a space partition.

The system can contain an unlimited number of shelves, and it is made up of a fixed part, a metal structure and mobile elements – folders. Folders can be placed arbitrarily, according to the user’s wishes and needs. Additionally, they can be positioned from the face or reverse, which gives each individual shelf authenticity and leaves the user with the possibility of self-organization within the system.

The materials used to make the Folder system are: plastic-coated metal circular profiles, painted and veneered plywood.

Dimensions: 80x35x200 cm .

03 KILIMICA meni

Irina Mitrović


Kilimica, inspired by the ornament of the Princess Plate; with Pirot carpets, represents a combination of tradition and functionality. This piece of furniture symbolizes wisdom and noble families, carrying a wealth of cultural heritage within itself. With its reduced design, the famous traditional pattern raised in 3D stands out, making it suitable for different ages and spaces.
Made of solid wood, the Little Rug footstool is stable and long-lasting, providing safety and comfort in use. With the selected motif of the ornament, it brings the spirit of tradition into every home, adding a unique stamp to the space. Its form allows the user to choose its function, providing flexibility and personalization in any ambient.
Dimensions 22 x 28 x 28 cm

04 MEKO meni

Srđan Radanović

The MEKO lamp is an elegant and subtle addition to any home or workspace, providing fine ambient lighting. It is constructed from two segments: a base made of solid oak wood and a lampshade made by hand using the papier-mâché technique.
Each MEKO lamp is completely unique thanks to the hand-made lampshade, which contributes to the warmth of the light it emits in the space. This elegant piece of furniture combines natural materials and carefully crafted design to create a pleasant atmosphere in any ambient.

Dimensions: base 15 x 15 x 15 cm / changeable lampshade
05 HORA meni

Marina Isailović

Based on tradition and deep respect for Greek mythology, an inspiring collection called Hora is created. This collection is a tribute to the goddesses of time, harmony and life, known as Horae, whose role was crucial in preserving the balance in nature and people’s lives. Through careful research and interpretation, each element of the Hora collection undergoes its own transformation. Their light and the symbolism of beauty pass into the shape of their waists, connecting with the essence of their being. The lamps from this collection are not only functional objects, but also symbols of life and vitality, brought to life through structure and form. Every detail of Hora has been carefully considered to convey the deeper meaning and philosophy underlying this concept. The lamp cable becomes a symbol of the variations of our actions and energy, shaped in segments that emphasize the complexity and dynamics of life.
Dimensions 10x10x34 cm
06 DUDA meni

Anđela Tasković

Footstools are not only practical pieces of furniture, but also works of art that add the organic warmth to any home. Made of sustainable material, they convey a sense of comfort and naturalness.
The wooden surface provides a pleasure to the touch, revealing natural textures and lines. Their elegant shape, inspired by the elements we are surrounded by, reflects the endless beauty of modern design, making them the perfect addition to various interiors.
Footstools are multifunctional and come in two dimensions – they can be used either as seats or side tables.
Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 35cm / 25 x 12 x 25 cm

07 MODUL meni

Anđela Tasković

Designed for practicality and ease of use, it consists of a solid sponge covered with textile upholstery. Its versatility allows the creation of different formations using the same modules, providing the freedom to adapt to needs. Formations are easily created by rotating and connecting elements, without the need for tools. Quickly moving elements make it easy to adapt in different ambients. Aesthetically attractive and functional, MODULE is the ideal solution for those looking for practicality and flexibility in the organization of space.

Dimensions: 35 x 105 x 70 cm
08 KITE meni

Anđela Tasković

Simple in its design, it is composed of wooden planks and cylindrical clamps with an additional wooden ring that enables height levelling when designing furniture.
 Its main feature is modularity, which allows users to create different shapes using the same components. Clams allow elements to be rotated, adding flexibility to the organization. Assembling is simple, with no need for additional tools.
KITE is easily adapted to different needs, from private to public spaces. It can be used as a shelf or a bench. Thanks to its adaptability, KITE brings functionality and aesthetics without limits.

Dimensions: 150 x 30 x 27 cm

09 VOSHA meni

Larisa Pop Rajačić

The sky of Vojvodina is shared by different peoples and nationalities. Diversity – multiculturalism is the wealth of the golden plains of Serbia.
Under the roofs of traditional Vojvodina houses, identity, cultural heritage, customs, traditions, various religious rites, folklore dances, folk costumes, authentic gastronomy and music are based. Vojvodina roofs dome over family spaces where people speak different languages. In their specific design, Vojvodina roofs combine functionality with attractive aesthetics to create and maintain a distinctive architectural traditional style.
 The forms of the old Vojvodina roofs are stylized in the Voša lamp. With their unobtrusive light, simple design and inconspicuous materialization, they fit into any type of interior.
Lamp dimensions 40x20x5 cm
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